Janaury Newsletter

January. Goodness. It must be around 12 months since the last one. A new year and a new newsletter. Here's to a prosperous and happy one to one and all.

December Newsletter

Whilst you sit indoors on another dark evening, pondering in the long, dark teatime of the soul and vaguely wondering if it'll ever stop raining, why not download the latest newsletter and have a quick peruse. You know you want to. All you have to do is click right here.

November Newsletter

Trick or treat? Doorbell munchkins and carved out pumpkins. Slightly less spooky, but obviously no less exciting, the November newsletter. Happy halloween. Download it here.

October Newsletter

October is here and that means a few things. Autumn is properly incoming, you'll be trick or treating before you know it and there's a new newsletter. Download it here.

Welcome to the New School Year

We hope everyone has had a lovely summer and is looking forward to starting a brand new school year! A few useful pieces of information are below to help you get started…

New Prospectus is available here.

The September newsletter here.

Fees can be downloaded here

Warwickshire schools dates for your diary are here.

And finally, key Nursery Studio dates can be downloaded here.

Have a great year, everyone!