December Newsletter

The newsletter for December is available… download it here. Ho ho ho!

November Newsletter

The newsletter for November is available… download it here.

Leaving a Child At Home

Leaving a Child At Home

Advice on when it may be appropriate to leave your child home alone, as well as choosing an appropriate babysitter. Download here.

October Newsletter

It's been a busy start to the year!

Here's the October newsletter. Download link.

2018-9 School Year Information

Welcome back!

We have some useful information for you for the beginning of the school year.

Dates for your diary:
Download here.

Fees for September 2018:
Download here.

The September newsletter:
Download here.

Warwickshire School Term Dates:
Download here.

Government Information 2018

Early Years Pupil Premium Information

Can be downloaded here and what to expect from your child’s learning in Foundation Years can be downloaded here.

Government Information on 30 Hours Free Child Care

Can be downloaded here.

July Newsletter

July Newsletter

So June's nice weather wasn't the entire English summer. There's actual, real hot weather this week, but don't worry, our newsletter is as cool as ever. Download it here.

June Newsletter

June Newsletter

Was that it? Summer? Has it been and gone? We know and we have the answer in the June newsletter. Although, that's a lie and we won't. But it does have the latest info from the nursery, even if it doesn't predict the weather.

Download it here and also, a copy of the GDPR letter is here.

May Newsletter

May Newsletter

Sunshine. Rain. Warm. Cold. April showers will hopefully give way to warmer weather and whilst we're waiting for that to happen, grab the May Newsletter…

Download it here.

March 2018 Newsletter

March Newsletter

Snow! Storms! Beasts from the East! It's as unpredictable out there as next week's lottery numbers, but you know exactly where you're at with ANS, because we've got our monthly newsletter.

Download it here.

Feb 2018 Newsletter

February Newsletter

Does anyone know what the weather is doing? Is it cold? Is it mild? Snow? Rain? There's simply no predicting what's going on meteorologically. Fortunately, no such issues at ANS. The newsletter tells you exactly what's up.

Download it here.

January 2018 Newsletter

Welcome to 2018!

We hope you've had a lovely Christmas break and wish you all the very best for the coming year.

Here's the January 2018 newsletter to start off the year…download it here.