June Newsletter

Waiting for summer and the holidays? Yeah, me, too. But until then, it's June newsletter time.

May Newsletter

Sunshine and springtime. Well, for now anyway. Enjoy the warmth and the May newsletter while you can…

April Newsletter

The April newsletter has landed on the first day of the month and we're not even joking.

March Newsletter

Is it spring? One week yes, the next week, not even a little bit. Snow is coming. In an uncertain world, enjoy the certainty of this month's newsletter. There's no need to thank me, I don't even write it. That's all Penny. I just pop them on the website and write this stuff.

February Newsletter

January blues done? Dry January turning into wet February? We don't judge. We only publish the newsletter.

Nov and Dec Newsletters

Yes - between the cold weather and the Christmas excitement, we missed these off the website. Sorry about that…



January Newsletter

2022: it's so last year. Get with the now and read the January newsletter right here.